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Heartbroken man loses his puppy after vets refuse to treat it, due to lack of funds

Many pet owners would be worried sick if their pets were to fall ill, and this man in the UK is no exception. When he took his puppy to the vet, he was rejected, and the puppy died shortly after.

Podge Sweeney from Liverpool posted a photo on his Facebook page on Aug. 6, claiming how vets turned him away because he did not have enough money to pay for his puppy’s treatment.

The photo shows Sweeney holding on to his daughter’s dying puppy at the branch of the PDSA—People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, in Page Moss.

He wrote that the vet rejected him because he did not have enough money to pay for the treatment. “They want £119 (approx. US$155) to treat him or at least £80 (approx. US$104) just to look at him,” he wrote.

However, he had only £35 (approx. US$45) in his pocket. He told them that he would get the money, as he claims that he had left his bank card at home, but was still turned away.

The puppy “died right outside there” in his arms shortly after. He was heartbroken that the puppy died, and was devastated to think that he had to tell his daughter about her puppy’s death.

After his story was posted, there were mixed reactions from netizens.

A PDSA spokesperson told the Mirror: “We are aware of the extremely sad case this weekend involving the puppy and extend our deepest sympathies to the owner. We want to reassure everyone that if any pet owner rings or attends one of our Pet Hospitals or a Vets Now emergency clinic—or indeed any vet—with a pet in need of emergency care, they will always be offered to be seen and provided with emergency treatment.”

“With the limited information we have for this particular case, we have checked all of our call logs and spoken to the vet team members on duty over the weekend. As far as we are currently able to tell, the correct processes for all those who contacted us over the weekend were followed.”

“However, if something has gone wrong, we want to know. In order that we can complete our investigation fully and gather all of the facts, we are trying to make contact with the owner for more information.”

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