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Puppy whose legs were chopped off with a sword is so happy to run again


Puppies chewing things they aren’t supposed to is nothing new. They’ll chew anything they can get their mouths on – remotes, furniture, shoes. But for one puppy, an innocent shoe chew ended with him getting his legs chopped off with a sword. 

Nine-month-old puppy Cola escaped from his home and chewed a pair of the neighbor’s shoes, the neighbor chased Cola back home and confronted the owner. Cola’s owner apologized profusely and even paid for the damaged shoes.
Unsatisfied with that, the neighbor decided Cola had to be punished. That's when he hacked Cola's lower front legs off with a large sword.
Cola's future was uncertain - he had lost too much blood and his wounds were starting to show signs of infection. Even worse, the veterinary clinic in Thailand wasn't equipped to deal with Cola's injuries. That could’ve been the end for Cola but when animal lovers learned of his case, they contacted the Soi Dog Foundation. 
Soi Dog Foundation, a nonprofit group in Thailand that helps homeless, abused, and neglected animals, offered to send Cola to iVet, a specialty clinic in Bangkok. Soi Dog Foundation even offered to pay for his treatment. 
Cola miraculously managed to recover! His owner, however, was absolutely petrified to take Cola back home. Even though the neighbor would serve a month in jail, the owner was scared that Cola would be hurt again.
Thankfully, Soi Dog offered to take Cola into their care. 
Cola then spent a couple months recovering at iVet. The staff even gave Cola a wheelchair to help him get around. Dr. Aom ended up creating prosthetics for Cola to help the dog's mobility even more.
Gill Dalley and John Dalley, the co-founders of Soi Dog, along with John’s wife, visited Cola the day his was fit for his prosthetics. Gill also lost both her legs after contracting septicemia (a serious blood poisoning condition) during the rescue of a stray dog back in 2004. Gill also wears prosthetics.
Cola and Gill’s connection was instant – they immediately became best friends.
Their bond was so strong, Gill decided to adopt Cola! The Dalley’s arranged for Cola to fly to Phuket, a Thai island, to live with them. 

With his his new prosthetics, Cola can finally enjoy walks with his family. But since his prosthetics are still so new, they have to be careful as his stumps could develop sores – something Gill is very familiar with. After she lost her legs, it took her a while before she could wear her prosthetics all day. 
Cola is now free to chew whatever he wants – though John and Gill do prefer he chews his own toys – and he’ll never have to worry about being hurt again. Cola’s amazing spirit and personality are an inspiration to everyone. Despite being unimaginably hurt by a human, he still puts his love and trust in them.

All You Need to Know About Hemophilia in Dogs (Don't Let Your Dog Be The Next Victim!)


At the point when your canine experiences this sickness, a little cut can cause huge issues. This is what every single pet parent should think about Hemophilia in pooches.

When you cut or rub yourself, the injury may drain yet it by and large begins to clump decently fast before you endure any genuine blood misfortune – the same is valid for your canine. In the event that your canine has a condition called hemophilia, in any case, this may not be the situation. Continue perusing to take in more about what hemophilia is, its manifestations, and the best treatment choices.

What is Hemophilia in Dogs?

The word reference characterizes hemophilia as, "a therapeutic condition in which the capacity of the blood to cluster is seriously diminished, making the sufferer drain extremely frame even slight damage." One of the most well-known sorts of hemophilia found in canines is basically called Hemophilia An and it is caused by an insufficiency of a particular coagulating factor, Factor VIII.

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On the off chance that you know about normal medical issues influencing canines, this may help you to remember another sickness called von Willebrand malady which oftentimes influences Poodles, Doberman Pinschers, Akitas, Miniature Schnauzers, and Golden Retrievers. Von Willebrand ailment is really a kind of hemophilia caused by an inadequacy of the plasma protein von Willebrand factor, or vWF, which is important to frame clumps and to balance out Factor VIII.

Basically, a pooch that has hemophilia has a tendency to drain too much from even gentle injuries in light of the fact that the blood does not clump as fast as it should. This is extremely perilous all in all, however it turns out to be significantly more hazardous if the pooch requires surgery or on the off chance that he endures damage that causes inner dying.

Basic Symptoms and Treatment Options

By and large, hemophilia is an acquired condition, so it is fundamental that pooches with this condition are not reproduced. With regards to recognizing the malady, as a rule hemophilia isn't analyzed until the point when the puppy experiences critical damage or needs to experience surgery. The fundamental manifestation is, obviously, intemperate draining however there might be different signs, for example, the accompanying:

1#Seeping from the pooch's nose or gums

2#Wicked pee or stools

3#Wounding of the skin effortlessly

4#Drawn out or exorbitant seeping amid/after surgery

Diagnosing hemophilia is genuinely simple if your pooch shows at least one of the side effects recorded above yet there are likewise blood tests that can be useful. Testing for the measure of vWF in his blood is a solid marker of hemophilia in pooches, however your vet may likewise suggest extra tests like an entire blood forget about (CBC) to govern other conceivable foundations for indications.

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Once the condition has been distinguished, there are sure things you can do to oversee it, however it isn't something that can be cured. You should be additional cautious to keep your pooch from getting harmed and, in the event that he suffers damage, you may need to take him to the vet rapidly to stop the dying. On the off chance that your canine is made arrangements for surgery, ensure the specialist thinks about his hemophilia so they can find a way to diminish blood misfortune both amid and after surgery.

Despite the fact that the different sorts of hemophilia in canines can't be cured, there are steps you can take to deal with your puppy's condition. The best thing you can do is to learn as much as you can about his condition and how to forestall damage. With appropriate administration, your puppy can carry on with a long and sound life!

Is Your Dog Suffering From The Degenerative Myelopathy Disease?!


5 Reasons Why Your Dog Won't Eat, (The Second Reason Is The Worst!!)


Why Your Dog Won't Eat

It is usually said that a pooch is man's closest companion yet what happens when your canine companion won't eat? Normally, you ought to be worried for similar to the case with people, he will undoubtedly become thin and withered if the propensity holds on.

Be that as it may, the motivation behind why your four-legged companion won't eat can be effortlessly settled without essentially reaching your vet. The accompanying are some of these reasons.


Like people, canines excessively get blocked up and when this happens, they may not eat as the stoppage ordinarily causes unbearable stomach torments which thusly causes lack of hydration and stifles their hunger. In actuality, obstruction is the most widely recognized motivation behind why your pooch would not have any desire to eat.


Mutts will frequently feel threatened when there is another expansion to the family, particularly if the expansion is another pet. This is a characteristic adjustment where the pooch tends to feel desirous and might need to ensure his circles. Declining to eat is only one method for passing the message there that there is one an excessive number of them around.

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Maturity is yet among one reason why your pooch may not eat as much as he used to. This is because of the way that as pooches develop old, they wind up plainly weaker and regularly get beset with sicknesses that smother their craving. The majority of these are regularly dental contaminations and it is vital to take your canine for check up in the event that you presume he is a casualty

Interruption in Meal Time

Canines condition their bodies to eating at specific circumstances and when the dinner is served at once other than these assigned circumstances, the body may not react positively. On the off chance that you as of late had a standard change, for example, in your work put, you should make game plans to have your puppy gradually move to your new bolstering time so he can adjust effectively.

As of late Vaccinated

Immunization is without a doubt one method for helping your pooches beat a heap of potential sicknesses yet obscure to numerous, inoculations may effectsly affect your puppy. A standout amongst the most know reactions of immunization is the loss of hunger.

Along these lines, there you have it, whenever your pooch declines to eat, don't simply expel him as having fits as there is dependably a premise behind it.

Don’t Let Your Dog Decide What It Eats (Deadly Mistake)


Try not to Let Your Dog Eat This

A standout amongst the most well-known reasons individuals give for their decision of canine sustenance is on account of the puppy "will eat it" or "preferences" it. Be that as it may, this is a terrible thought. To be honest, this is the most exceedingly terrible approach to pick a canine nourishment – and you could hurt your puppy's wellbeing thusly. Many pooch nourishments contain poor fixings that can hurt your puppy over the short and long haul. They incorporate grain squanders, oats and a wide range of results to give some examples. They are a shabby type of mass that, on the off chance that you served to a canine in their crude frame, you would see exactly how unappetizing and unpalatable the stuff really is. So to make this satisfactory to the canine, producers utilize flavorings that can cause a wide range of medical issues, both here and now and long haul.

When you are thinking about what nourishment to sustain your pooch, recollect the accompanying

1) Most mutts are not particular (yes that incorporates yours!). On the off chance that a pooch is being offered a fair sustenance, there is no motivation behind why it ought not be satisfactory and charming to them. Particular pooches are the aftereffect of the state of mind and conduct of the proprietor! We have ended up being the situation with truly many canines.

2) A pooch won't starve itself if sustenance is advertised. Pooches are common scroungers and will (like each other animal on the planet) eat practically anything to survive. In the event that your canine is going for a considerable length of time about eating it is on the grounds that you are sending it confounding messages about eating. Be that as it may, in the end (on the off chance that you don't give in first!) it will eat.

Guarantee your puppy to be cheerful!

The most ideal approach to guarantee your puppy will be cheerful and solid is to sustenance it a decent nourishment. What's more, the best way to tell a decent nourishment? Take a gander at the fixings. Try not to take a gander at the front of the pack, look on the back! Go for a nourishment that has a high meat content, where a named meat is the main expressed fixing, ideally in feast frame. Stay away from sustenances with any results, wheat, meat, oats – and obviously anything simulated.

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In the event that your canine is demonstrating any particular conduct it's more likely than not going to be something in your way to deal with sustaining, not simply the sustenance.

Know too that poor nourishment is one of the significant reasons for skin issues and sensitivities. It truly pays to encourage your a canine a decent nourishment – regardless of the possibility that it challenges!

STOP!! Don't Let Your Dog Lick You Up Any More!


Canines are glad to give a few sugars as a method for demonstrating love.

Sadly, their wet licks and slobbery kisses convey salivation loaded with different germs and life forms. Zoonotic illnesses and parasites, those that can spread starting with one animal groups then onto the next, for example, from canine to human, can exchange through your pooch's adoring licks. Numerous parasites, for example, roundworm, tapeworm and hookworm, are zoonotic and can spread through such direct contact with your pooch. Worms, in any case, are not one of the different sicknesses spread through salivation.

How Worms Spread

The method of transmission for most worm pervasions in mutts is through ingestion of tainted creatures or excrement. On the off chance that your pooch has worms, the worms live in the gastrointestinal tract and go eggs out through dung. People secure worms commonly through immediate or roundabout contact with dung or with excrement debased soil or sustenance. Strolling shoeless on sullied soil is sufficient to cause contamination with hookworms. Every so often, pooches will have eggs on their hide because of licking. Petting your pooch can exchange the eggs to your hands. Getting a remark in the wake of petting a contaminated canine, without washing your hands, is sufficient to ingest roundworm eggs.

Side effects of Worms

Side effects of a worm pervasion in your puppy incorporate looseness of the bowels, spewing and weight reduction. At times blood, bodily fluid or worms are noticeable in regurgitation or stool. In people, roundworm contaminations can cause swelling of the liver, spleen, heart and lungs; fever; shortcoming; hacking; stomach torment; sickness; and regurgitating. In the event that the worms move to the eye, visual impairment is conceivable. Hookworms frequently cause no manifestations in people yet can prompt iron deficiency.


While worms don't go through canine spit, different conditions do. One infection that spreads through canine spit is rabies. The infection enters through broken skin, for example, through a nibble. Rabies immunization programs have lessened the quantity of cases in pooches and along these lines diminished puppy to-human transmission.

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however transmission stays conceivable. Canine rabies side effects incorporate fever, seizures, loss of motion, dropped jaw, animosity and over the top salivation. In people, rabies manifestations incorporate dribbling, writhings, loss of muscle work, muscle fits, second rate fever and trouble gulping.

Different Diseases Spread Through Saliva

Canine spit contains different types of microorganisms, the vast majority of which are ordinary. While the microscopic organisms are not destructive in the mouth, a puppy could just lick an open cut on your arm and bring those microorganisms into your body. Basic microscopic organisms in charge of diseases in individuals incorporate Pasteurella, Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA, and Capnocytophaga canimorsus. Instances of methicillin-safe MRSA have been connected to canine spit from a solitary lick.

Be Careful!! This Disease Affects 85% of Dogs. (Is Your Pup Silently Suffering?)


Is Your Pup Silently Suffering?

Today a standout amongst the most widely recognized issue that influences the canine's mouth is periodontal gum sickness. Toward the begin it has no sign and manifestations, however propels rapidly, bringing about incessant torment, missing teeth, even a bone misfortune. Truth be told, it is these days so normal that 80% of puppies endure a phase of gum infection once in their lifetime. This periodontal malady is caused by microscopic organisms to such an extent that if microbes and sustenance particles are permitted to aggregate in the pooches gumline on stirring up with the spit they frame a thick like substance called analytics. This causes gum bothering and prompts the last phase of periodontal sickness. Gum illness is more typical in pooches than in people, as puppies have a more antacid mouth which advances the plaque arrangement. Likewise, mutts don't brush their teeth ordinary, along these lines they have the most obvious opportunity to get effortlessly contaminated by the infection.

The Simple Solution

A plaque which is framed by testimony of microorganisms and sustenance particles causes blushing of the gums, which at first make them more inclined to drain. Plaque if not expelled after some time it get solidifies and shapes browny yellow substance alluded as tartar or math on mutts teeth. It can prompt loss of tooth, tooth portability or causing diseases which can influence the heart, kidneys or lungs. An impact caused by periodontal malady can likewise prompt awful breath alluded as halitosis. In the event that we visit for the analytic X beam of the teeth is essential to be taken with the goal that specialists can look at the single teeth splendidly.

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We can keep this gum infection by making it our normal canine care with teeth every day, brushed limiting the microscopic organisms which enables our mutts to keep up the most advantageous mouth. Numerous proprietors dab brush their pooch's teeth as they imagine that the canine won't care for it, yet a few mutts really appreciate the season and furthermore the unique significance. We ought to present the teeth brushing as a puppy so he or she grows up imagining that its very normal brushing.

7 Ways To Clean Your Dog’s Teeth That He Won’t Hate


Since doggy dentures aren't a thing, keeping your pup's teeth clean and gums solid is essential for their general wellbeing and prosperity.

Clearly, the most ideal approach to get your canine's teeth clean is to have the vet rub them while your pooch is under anesthesia. This can be exceptionally costly and there are dangers related with anesthesia, so you need to do all that you can to keep your puppy's teeth clean yourself.

Brushing your puppy's teeth consistently with a canine safe toothpaste is the most ideal approach to do that, however a few mutts detest it and will keep running from seeing a toothbrush. Fortunately, there are different alternatives that your pooch may really appreciate. Here are 7 approaches to clean your pooch's teeth that they won't despise.

#1 – Dental shower

On the off chance that your pooch will keep still sufficiently long for you to get their lips on either side of their mouth, a dental shower might be a decent alternative. Numerous dental showers will help decrease and anticipate dental plaque and tartar develop and control the microbes that causes terrible breath, as long as you can figure out how to splash the item straightforwardly onto your canine's most-influenced teeth. As a reward, splashes regularly give your pooch minty-new breath.

#2 – Healthy/characteristic eating routine

Canine sustenance organizations might want to persuade you that dry kibble is preferred for your puppy's teeth over wet nourishment. Depending on kibble to keep your pooch's teeth clean would be as powerful as anticipating that saltines should keep your teeth clean. Fresher weight control plans with more beneficial fixings tend to help enhance your canine's general wellbeing and prosperity, and that incorporates their dental wellbeing.

#3 – Chew toys

There are bunches of toys available intended to urge your pooch to bite. Bite toys with heaps of assortment in surface can help rub the plaque off your canine's teeth as they unwind and make the most of their primal sense to bite. Your pooch ought to dependably be managed when playing with bite toys to ensure they don't swallow any huge pieces.

#4 – Raw bones

While cooked bones can fragment and cause a wide range of issues for your pooch, crude bones are a fabulous approach to help keep your canine's teeth clean while fulfilling their inclination to bite. Remember that you'll need to pick estimate suitable bones. A chicken wing could gag a Great Dane and a bovine femur would be a difficult request for a Yorkie.

#5 – Tooth wipes

In the event that your puppy will endure you putting your fingers in their mouth however keeps running at seeing a toothbrush, at that point tooth wipes might be a perfect choice. They enable you to evacuate plaque, tartar, and terrible breath microorganisms from your pooch's mouth.

#6 – Dog bites

Canines love to bite. Once in a while you need to give them something that endures longer than a dental treat yet is more delicious than a toy and less muddled than a crude bone. Pooch bites can keep your puppy involved, fulfill their biting impulse, and help rub plaque and tartar off of your canine's teeth. What could be better? Simply make sure to administer your canine – a few mutts may swallow expansive pieces.

#7 – Dental treats

You want to treat your canine in any case, so doesn't it bode well to pick a treat that will help keep their teeth clean? In case you're now purchasing dental treats for your adored pup, for what reason not pick one your puppy will love that ALSO gives sound suppers to shield canines sitting tight for their eternity homes?

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