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Baby found dead in bassinet was killed by family dog


MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — A coroner has verified that a 1-month-old kid who passed on at his house was killed by a family puppy.

Experts say the infant was discovered dead Sept. 20 in his bassinet at the Knox County home around 60 miles upper east of Columbus. Region Coroner Dr. Jennifer Ogle said Wednesday that the child endured broad wounds, including cut injuries to his head.

Stare at's news discharge said the dissection uncovered no injury from any source other than a pooch. The discharge said the newborn child was sound and very much administered to preceding his demise.

The family's two canines, portrayed as "pit bull, or a pit bull blend," have been euthanized.

Knox County's prosecutor has said the infant's 25-year-old father evidently woke up to discover the newborn child dead.

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Puppy whose legs were chopped off with a sword is so happy to run again


Puppies chewing things they aren’t supposed to is nothing new. They’ll chew anything they can get their mouths on – remotes, furniture, shoes. But for one puppy, an innocent shoe chew ended with him getting his legs chopped off with a sword. 

Nine-month-old puppy Cola escaped from his home and chewed a pair of the neighbor’s shoes, the neighbor chased Cola back home and confronted the owner. Cola’s owner apologized profusely and even paid for the damaged shoes.
Unsatisfied with that, the neighbor decided Cola had to be punished. That's when he hacked Cola's lower front legs off with a large sword.
Cola's future was uncertain - he had lost too much blood and his wounds were starting to show signs of infection. Even worse, the veterinary clinic in Thailand wasn't equipped to deal with Cola's injuries. That could’ve been the end for Cola but when animal lovers learned of his case, they contacted the Soi Dog Foundation. 
Soi Dog Foundation, a nonprofit group in Thailand that helps homeless, abused, and neglected animals, offered to send Cola to iVet, a specialty clinic in Bangkok. Soi Dog Foundation even offered to pay for his treatment. 
Cola miraculously managed to recover! His owner, however, was absolutely petrified to take Cola back home. Even though the neighbor would serve a month in jail, the owner was scared that Cola would be hurt again.
Thankfully, Soi Dog offered to take Cola into their care. 
Cola then spent a couple months recovering at iVet. The staff even gave Cola a wheelchair to help him get around. Dr. Aom ended up creating prosthetics for Cola to help the dog's mobility even more.
Gill Dalley and John Dalley, the co-founders of Soi Dog, along with John’s wife, visited Cola the day his was fit for his prosthetics. Gill also lost both her legs after contracting septicemia (a serious blood poisoning condition) during the rescue of a stray dog back in 2004. Gill also wears prosthetics.
Cola and Gill’s connection was instant – they immediately became best friends.
Their bond was so strong, Gill decided to adopt Cola! The Dalley’s arranged for Cola to fly to Phuket, a Thai island, to live with them. 

With his his new prosthetics, Cola can finally enjoy walks with his family. But since his prosthetics are still so new, they have to be careful as his stumps could develop sores – something Gill is very familiar with. After she lost her legs, it took her a while before she could wear her prosthetics all day. 
Cola is now free to chew whatever he wants – though John and Gill do prefer he chews his own toys – and he’ll never have to worry about being hurt again. Cola’s amazing spirit and personality are an inspiration to everyone. Despite being unimaginably hurt by a human, he still puts his love and trust in them.

6 Of The Most Amazing Lessons Your Dog Can Teach You!


As senseless as they can now and again be, pooches have a considerable measure to show us. At the point when your pooch is moving around in the mud or pursuing his own tail, "savvy" is most likely not the principal thing that rings a bell. Be that as it may, in the event that you set aside the opportunity to truly focus on your puppy and to the way he connects with his general surroundings you can take in some critical life lessons.

Here are the six life lessons your pooch can show you.


1#Be faithful to the ones you cherish

They say that puppy is a man's closest companion and on the off chance that you possess a pooch, you presumably definitely realize that to be the situation. In any case, something beyond being your companion, your canine is your steadfast friend – it doesn't make a difference what you consider yourself or what others consider you, your puppy will love you unequivocally. You can gain from your canine to esteem and appreciate the general population in your life. Try not to underestimate their adoration or fellowship and do your best to be deserving of that affection.

2#Try not to stop

While a few puppies are positively lazier than others, all pooches appreciate a decent round of bring or pull of-war. Mutts love to go for strolls, regardless of the possibility that it is something as basic as walking around the piece. You can gain from your canine to be dynamic – practice is critical for wellbeing and essentialness. In any case, more than that, you ought to dependably be prepared to play and have a fabulous time. Try not to consider yourself excessively important!

3#Be caring

Puppies have an astonishing capacity to know when we are vexed and that is precisely when they be their kindest, gentlest selves. Gain from your puppy to be somewhat more benevolent, to offer love to the world notwithstanding when it doesn't generally give love back.

4#Try not to get excessively hung up on material things

Without a doubt, your puppy presumably has a most loved toy that he bears constantly. In any case, if your pooch needed to pick between that toy and you, he would pick you unfailingly. You can gain from your puppy to esteem the things that truly matter in life – your loved ones, not only the things you have.

5#It's alright to be peaceful some of the time

Puppies can't converse with us in a way that we can truly see, however they have a one of a kind capacity to influence us to trust that they are tuning in. Be for somebody you cherish the thing your pooch is for you – a nonjudgmental audience. We as a whole need somebody like that!

6#Live minus all potential limitations

Canines don't stress over the past – they live at the time. Yet, more than that, they appreciate life and all that is brings to the table. A pooch can discover euphoria in the most straightforward of things, regardless of whether it is feeling the breeze in his face as he inclines out the auto window or cuddling up on the love seat with you. Pooches have a one of a kind capacity to be content regardless of what their circumstance and that is an intense lesson we could all remain to learn. Try not to fuss over the things you can't change and set aside opportunity to stop and enjoy the scenery!

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Your pooch is your deep rooted companion and sidekick – he will dependably stay close by until the finish of his days. Try not to underestimate a solitary minute you have with your pooch in light of the fact that there will come a day when he is no longer with you. Be that as it may, even after your pooch has proceeded onward, the life lessons he showed you will remain.

5 Most Interactive Intelligence Games You Can Play With Your Dog


On the off chance that you've been taking a gander at your puppy and pondering exactly how shrewd he truly is, you might need to have a go at playing a couple of recreations with him.

A few amusements will test your puppy's quality and readiness, others will test his feeling of smell. A few diversions, be that as it may, will reveal to you exactly how keen your pooch truly is, and during the time spent playing these recreations, make him much more insightful.

1#Shroud the Biscuit

Outstanding amongst other diversions you can play with your canine while sharpening his feeling of smell and analyst abilities is a find the stowaway amusement, the kind you played as a child when you told somebody they were "hot" or "icy" while scanning for a protest. Demonstrate your canine a treat, place him in a "sit/stay" and go shroud the treat. At first shroud it on display under an upturned bowl, so he discovers it generally rapidly, yet at the same time needs to make sense of how to really get the treat. As your canine shows signs of improvement at the diversion, put the treat in harder spots to discover to keep the amusement crisp and testing.

2#Shroud the Body

This is a diversion that can be played by just you and your canine, or you and your children and your puppy. Bring your canine into a room or range of the house where he won't consider you to be you move around the house. Place him in a "down/stay" to tell him this "stay" will be longer than the "sit/stay" since you require additional time. Shroud yourself, and have your children conceal themselves also. Utilize a storeroom, behind an open room entryway, under the bed, in the bath or anyplace else you can completely avoid see. When you are totally concealed, call the canine to you: "Spot, come!" and perceive to what extent it takes him to sniff you out. On the off chance that there are more players, have them each call Spot in progression as every player is found.


Hurling a ball or flying circle and having your puppy pursue it, recover it and take it back to you is the intuitive diversion most pooch's want. Put a slight turn on it by showing him to bring and return different things as well. Administration pooches do it constantly. Their "charge" will drop something from the wheelchair, and the pooch needs to lift it up and hand it over. So start by connecting something light to the ball or flying circle, for example, a bandanna. At the point when the puppy brings the ball back, segregate the thing and make a complain about it. Do that a couple of more circumstances, each time hurling the ball nearer to you. Once the ball is falling at your feet, start to drop just the scarf, and commend him when he gets the thought. You could proceed onward to a wide range of things from that point.

4#Business Intelligence Toys

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Doggy diversions and toys that power your canine to utilize his knowledge to settle confuses are accessible at most pet stores and on the web. With these recreations, a treat is covered up in a mystery compartment. The thought is for you to control the parts of the diversion to make it simple to discover the treats. Once the puppy can without much of a stretch discover every one of the treats, reassemble the toy again to make it harder. A large portion of these recreations have many levels of trouble to accomplish so your canine, and you, won't get exhausted too early.


For you to appreciate any intelligent recreations with your puppy, you should first guarantee he is completely prepared in the nuts and bolts: "sit," "stay," "come," "down" and "heel." Most diversions won't work unless your pooch makes them prepare. For more included recreations with your puppy, enter yourselves into nimbleness classes, K9 Nose Work and other unrelated ability based classes. Check with your neighborhood puppy dutifulness or readiness club for more alternatives on the best way to play intuitive amusements and contend in competitions with your pooch.

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